The Art of Dressing Sharp: How to Choose the Perfect Formal Shirt for Your Body Type

There’s no better experience than the crisp, clean feel that a good set of formals give us. Sharp lines, flattering for essentially every body type, and a hundred ways to style, what’s not to love? But the real essence of a formal outfit shines only when it’s done right. Finding the perfect formals for your body type can sometimes be a challenge. Well, you are at the right place because we have a solution for you with our styling guide to pick the right formal shirt for your body type.

This styling guide is a great starting point for you, regardless of whether you are someone who has a very specific style or if you are open to trying things that are out of your comfort zone. Let’s take a look at some ways you can dress to impress, no matter your body type.

  • For a tall, lean figure:

    To accentuate your height while creating good aesthetic proportions, men with tall and lean figures can experiment with patterns. The best types of patterns for you can include subtle, small patterns and thin, clean vertical stripes, which can add nuance without overwhelming your figure. If you have a longer neck, consider a classic collar to balance your proportions.

    Do: Experiment with patterns and colors: A lean frame is a great canvas for experimentation. Take advantage of it!

    Don’t: Don’t fall for monotony: Although combinations you are comfortable with can be an easy choice, don't be afraid of trying new things.
  • For short statures:
    The key to creating an illusion of height and great proportions is finding a well-fitted formal shirt for short men. You can elongate your silhouette with monochromatic fits, so picking a fitted-shirt in a color matching your bottoms can help. Both bold and subtle vertical stripes are your friends! Remember to choose a shorter collar, which can elongate your neck.

    Do: Get the right fit: 
    Your frame should not be lost! To ensure you don’t appear stodgy, make sure your shirts are well-fitting.

    Don’t: Don’t over-accessorise: Ensure your accessories are subtle, and complement your outfit without overwhelming your look.

  • Athletic, muscular build:

    The athletic build can prove versatile in many different forms of clothing. But finding comfortable formal shirts for athletic builds can be tough. Breathable cotton shirts are the best for comfort, but you must ensure that your build is not hidden, so find one that fits you well, but isn’t baggy or boxy. Consider classic collars to ensure your shoulders look balanced. A pointed collar is the most versatile choice.

    Do: Find what feels comfortable. Not everything that looks good has to be uncomfortable. Sizing and fitting matters a lot, and picking ill-fitting clothes in the interest of preserving the aesthetic can end up making matters worse.

    Don’t: Don’t always button up: Your shoulders will likely appear more balanced if your collar button is opened.

  • Full figured frames:
    The best way to make your features work in your favor is to pick the right kind of clothing for them. Dark colors are an all-time-favorite, and can be worn in every style, from semi-formal wear to interview wear. Pinstripes, fishbone prints, and vertical stripes can help give you a slimming look. Large, loud designs can be overwhelming for your figure. Subtlety is key, and big statements can be made even with simple pieces of clothing.

    Do: Let your confidence shine: Your clothes can help you, but the way you carry it can leave a lasting impression. Remember to maintain good posture, and always wear your smile.

    Don’t: Don’t wear colors that wash you out: Find colors that contrast your natural skin tone. Subtle or bold, contrasting colors have a naturally slimming look. But make sure you steer clear of colors and patterns that are too flashy, as they can add bulk.

In conclusion

We believe people of every body type have the potential to be their best self, and developing a unique individual style can make a huge difference. This guide is designed to give you insights on how various features can be supported to look their best. We hope it has helped you understand how to make your best features shine.