Classic vs. Modern: Exploring Traditional and Contemporary Formal Shirt Styles

Date night on a work day? Fret not!

A formal shirt can always go right. It is a must-have in every wardrobe to elevate your style.

Whether it’s a wedding, a formal event, a job interview or even a date— style it with shorts or trousers, tuck it in or wear it loose and that’s all you need to slay the day.

Can you make formals more casual? Beats the point, but why not mix the two worlds? Formal shirts can be worn for a casual outing and vice versa. Modern formal shirts have started popping up to appeal to individuals seeking a more cutting-edge and varied look.

Basics to keep it sleek

Classic shirts have stood strong throughout the fashion timeline, always in style. When you think of a classic, the first thing that comes to mind is a plain white shirt. A few features that make a formal shirt for traditional style could be collar styles.

Traditionally, a formal shirt can be identified by spread or pointer collars. This makes it easy to style for your daily office wear.

half sleeve shirts for men

What about styling a formal white shirt in a contemporary style?

Can you even do that? Fashion has no bounds, so let’s mix and match. For a more business casual look, the best way is to lace it up. The formal shirt is a pop of color. Not too bright, though. No one likes coming off as too strong. A white shirt matched up with brown/Tan trousers would definitely grab attention in formal settings. For a more romantic set, who doesn’t like a man who looks good in traditional yet manages to pass it off as smart casual?

half sleeve shirts for men

Patterns to turn heads

Embracing the modern twist with the modern contemporary shirt sounds pretty intimidating, but it’s a piece of cake. As we mentioned before, a formal shirt in white can be buttoned up for a more formal look. So what do you do to make it a casual shirt? Unbutton the top button, roll up your sleeves, or untuck it! Simple right?

You can also incorporate subtle patterns with subtle colors for a polished but clean look.

formal shirts for men

Summer breeze with short sleeves

I know what you’re thinking. Formal Shirts are always full sleeves. How can a half sleeve shirt even be a formal shirt? Well, it can be in this fashion timeline. A contemporary twist to the traditional, mixing minimal patterns and soft colours and giving it a casual look. One can tuck it in along with a belt on trousers to give it a more professional look. We would also recommend formal shoes along with the rest of the outfit for an everyday work look.

formal shirts for men

Checks to Flex

Checks are the most common pattern in the world of formal shirts. But can checks really be integrated into casual shirts? They most certainly can! Checks have a lot of versatility to pair up with trousers for a classic look, while a loose-fit and tucked-out shirt can be your go-to vibe for the summer seasons.

formal shirts for men

Whether they prefer the timeless appeal of traditional formal shirts or the present-day twists of modern trends, everyone can find something in the world of formal shirts. Classic shirts exude a refined elegance in contrast to current ones, promoting experimentation and self-expression. The choice between traditional and modern formal shirts ultimately boils down to your preferences, the occasion, and your sense of style.

So, the next time you're getting ready for a formal event or a crucial meeting, take some time to think about the various styles available on Turtle and pick a formal shirt that not only makes you look attractive but also conveys your personality and confidence. To make a good impression, choose a formal shirt that is well-fitted and stylish, whether it be traditional or contemporary. Shop for shirts with joy!