30 Years of Style Evolution: Celebrating Turtle Clothing's Timeless Legacy


What started in a small room in Howrah in 1993, now we’ve been styling the whole of India for 30 years! With our instinctively modern and inspirational style that's constantly evolving and striving to maintain relevance with the youth of today.


Our range of clothing styles is truly timeless, reflecting our brand's enduring essence. We offer a diverse array of options, encompassing everything from formal to casual attire, denim to ceremonial wear.

When it comes to formal occasions, our designs exude a sense of class and sophistication, guaranteeing that Turtle shirts will leave a lasting impression. Whether you find yourself in a business meeting or attending a fancy event, our shirts are a foolproof choice for achieving a polished and professional look.

On the other hand, for more laid-back affairs, our casual collection offers smart and stylish options. This range showcases trendy and eye-catching designs that add flair to everyday wear, ensuring you effortlessly maintain your stylish demeanor.

Turtle's denim collection is unparalleled as well, offering jeans that not only endure the test of time but also provide an impeccable fit. With an extensive array of shades available, you can easily find a pair of jeans that are modern and exceptionally comfortable.

Lastly, our Ceremonial Collection serves as the ultimate showstopper, ideal for those memorable occasions when you want to shine bright and steal the show. Our collection has various style options to choose from based on your moods or personality. You can go with minimalistic looks, or fun and colourful ensembles, or timeless classic styles. Turtle ensures that your wardrobe is covered for all types of occasions.


Turtle has managed to stay relevant for three decades due to its apparel's unparalleled craftsmanship and enduring quality. Evolving to meet ever-changing consumer needs, Turtle has consistently delivered the perfect style for 30 years. Such long-lasting success requires passion, a quality that Turtle embodies wholeheartedly. While fashion trends have shifted significantly since the 90s, Turtle strikes the perfect balance between contemporary and timeless style. Its fashion has gracefully evolved over time, continuously impressing individuals with its impeccable taste.


Turtle has made a significant impact in India, establishing itself as an empire of immense proportions. With a remarkable expansion comprising more than 160 brand outlets across over 400 cities, Turtle's success is owed to its unwavering passion. This enduring passion is crucial for any entity to thrive in the long run, and Turtle consistently excels in this aspect. The brand owes its longevity to its exceptional textiles, the craftsmanship displayed by Turtle is of impeccable quality and designs that continually strive to forge new connections with our consumers evolving alongside them.


Turtle is not only making a fashionable impact on the world but also striving to create positive change. We firmly believe in the power of taking action to make a difference and improve our world. In line with this mission, Turtle has partnered with associations to protect the lives of turtles and raise awareness about this crucial issue. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainability is evident in our collections such as the Dressed To Save Collection and Wear Natural Collection, which showcases eco-friendly dyes, unbleached tones, and clothing that is gentle on the earth.


Here’s to many more years of setting trends and remaining at the forefront of the fashion industry. We are committed to continuously providing opportunities for our consumers to effortlessly slay their looks and exude fashion-forwardness every single day. Our goal is to make waves with our inspirational styles and dress our customers with love and utmost care.