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      Formal men's trousers are a sure-shot way of looking sophisticated while staying comfortable. So for any occasion - be it an important interview, meeting or function. Men's formal trousers come in a variety of fabrics, patterns and colours.

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      Made with the fabrics to offer a fresh and comfortable feel over long hours at the office. Pair them with formal shirts and shoes to look effortlessly professional. You can now buy men's formal trousers in India at great prices at our online store.

      Casual To Formal With Trousers

      Trousers is a blanket term used to mean a lot of things - It is a pair of pants that are tailored. Generally, they are worn in official settings and formal events.Chinos to jeans can also be termed trousers. These days formal trousers for the men are available online to fit you in different price ranges.

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      Trousers are becoming more and more popular today - thanks to the trend of men wearing smarter clothing even outside of the office. The colour of the trousers should enhance your personality. It is entirely your choice if you need dark or light colours but they must complement your shirt or t-shirt. Some colours you can have in your wardrobe are - black, dark grey, beige, khaki, brown and navy blue. You can also go for checked or pin striped trousers to your look that extra edge.

      Suit pants

      Suit pants, alternatively called dress pants, are a part of a formal ensemble with a jacket or coat. The dress pants have evolved from being straight fit to having a tailored and slim fit.


      Chinos, which originated in China, are usually made out of cotton. They are suitable for semi-formal occasions - something in between the formality of dress pants and the informality of jeans. They are the perfect wear to give a business casual look, and it promises you much-needed comfort.

      Formal Linen Trousers

      Linen trousers are ideal for hotter tropical climates - like India - and over the years have evolved from being generally baggy to having slimmer fits.

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      When purchasing trousers certain things should be kept in mind as they are the anchors of the rest of your outfit -

      • Make sure the trousers are fitted according to your body type
      • Make sure your trousers have proper breaks(to avoid bunching up of material).
      • The colour of the suit matters. It is always best to have a matching suit jacket and pants along with a complimentary shirt colour for a formal occasion.
      • The waist size should be just right. Ideally, your trousers should stay in place without a belt.