Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Casual Shirts for Men

Hello, fashion-forward gentleman! If you’re looking to spice up your wardrobe and take your ensemble to the next-level, look no further than the world of casual shirts. Okay, that may sound like a contradiction - but flair isn’t reserved for fancy party wear alone! Casual is a mood that has claimed its own space in the world of fashion, for good reason.

So let’s not beat about the bush any longer - when it comes to shirts, it’s time to get serious about casual.

  • Classic so you don’t panic

    Every man should own an Oxford shirt - a garment as ageless as it is flexible. Traditional Oxford shirts are made of fine cotton fabric that is comfortable and durable, but that’s hardly all we’re searching for. How do they score on style?

    These shirts, with their button-down collars and simplistic style, are a versatile option for any occasion, letting you easily shift from casual to semi-formal settings - perfect for an evening with close friends and family, or a night out after work. A white shirt is a classic, paired with trousers for the more formal nights. Relax with a pop of colour, or with your sleeves rolled up and your first button open for a more refreshing, laidback look.

    Formal shirts for men

  • Pattern for every turn

    Casual shirts have always been in demand - but why?

    Casual shirts often sport patterns - a great way to make a style statement and show off your personality. From loud prints like the seasonal floral, to simple character art or complex geometric patterns - there’s a print, and therefore, a shirt for every occasion. Beach Day? Check. Date night and a movie? Done. Vacations? You’re stocked for the week. Casual is an expression when done right, whether you choose to go loud, or keep it subtle and soft. There’s always a story to be told, without ever saying a single word - it’s all in the patterns.

    Formal shirts for men

  • The Ultimate Green Flag, Check

    Checks are an indispensable part of the casual shirt wardrobe, seeing as they can be paired with the right outfit to be considered fashion formals as well. Checks are one of the world’s most renowned patterns - boasting versatility that lets you dress up or down depending on the occasion. While checks are so widely used they would hardly be considered ‘new’, or ‘exciting’, you’d be hard pressed to find a fashion house that doesn't include this fabled style upon its collections, and for good reason. This seemingly simple pattern has enchanted us for generations - and is a safe bet for your next wardrobe upgrade.

    Formal shirts for men

  • Linen for that sustainable factor

    Soft, classy, chic, comfortable - we could go on forever. What are the first things that come to mind when you think of linen shirts? We’d imagine a breezy day in the sand, and a walk under sunny skies. Pastel color schemes are an obvious choice, but well-made linen shirts aren’t just perfect for hot summers and cool breezes based on functionality alone. They exude a relaxed and carefree vibe, making your outfit look effortless while still managing to look extremely polished. Most clothing stores will house linen in several pastel colors and patterns - but you’re going to want to pay careful attention to the quality of both material and make. It’s worth going the distance for linen shirts - they’ll do the same for you.

    Casual Shirts for men

  • Solid Shirts

    If you’re someone who’s looking for just a dash of dapper, but don’t want to overdo it on your brunch with friends - Say hello to the wonderful world of solids. Snugly fit between the world of casual and formal, these shirts are best paired with loafers or chinos for a more relaxed outfit. Long sleeves and short could both work, depending on what you’re gearing up for. If your plan is to do nothing but to kick back and relax, pair your casual shirt with shorts and do it in style!

    Casual Shirts for men


We’ve learned that fashion is no game - but it’s perfectly okay to keep things casual. Putting your outfit together is easier when you’ve got versatile clothes to suit multiple occasions. Finding the perfect shirts should never be an event in itself - rather, something that you can do with ease. Discover the world of Turtle - and give our modern, stylish take on casual shirts a try.