The Definitive Guide to Master Men's Formal Fashion

When it comes to mastering the art of men's formal fashion, certain timeless principles hold regardless of the ever-changing trends. At Turtle, we understand the importance of looking your best in formals, whether it's a crucial business meeting, a job interview, or a special event. In this definitive guide, we'll take you through the essential elements of men's formal fashion, focusing on two key components: formal shirts for men and the classic formal combination you can try.

Elevate Your Formal Attire with the Right Shirt

  • Choose the Right Fit

    The foundation of a great formal outfit starts with a well-fitted shirt. Ensure that the shirt you select fits you perfectly. Avoid shirts that are too loose or too tight; they should allow ease of movement while maintaining a tailored appearance.

  • Pay Attention to Fabric

    Opt for high-quality fabrics like cotton or cotton blend for formal shirts. These fabrics are breathable, comfortable, and have a crisp appearance that exudes professionalism.

  • Classic Colors Are Key

    For formal occasions, classic colours like white, light blue, and subtle pastels are your best allies. These colours convey a sense of sophistication that's perfect for formal settings. Alternatively, dark colours like navy blue or black can also make you look dashing.

  • Collar Matters

    The collar style can significantly impact your overall look. A spread or point collar is timeless and versatile, suitable for most formal occasions. Remember to pair the collar style with your tie; a larger knot pairs well with a spread collar.

  • Cufflinks Add a Touch of Class

    For a truly formal touch, consider shirts with French cuffs that require cufflinks. These small accessories can make a big difference in elevating your formal attire.

Experiment with Formals

  • Mix and match stripes

    A striped shirt goes well with striped pants when paired well. The key is to keep it minimal and opt for pinstripes instead of bold ones.

  • Prints are your friend

    Unique prints go a long way in making you stand out from the crowd. Check out our new formals at the A/W’23 collection for abstract printed shirts that can level up your style game.

  • Formals don’t mean boring

    Just because it is a formal gathering, doesn’t mean you have to let go of your personal style. You can bring a flair to your personality through subtle touches like a bold shirt print or even a bright pocket square. Find some interesting options with our new formals in the A/W’23 collection.

Turtle's Collection of Men's Formal Fashion

Turtle offers a distinguished range of formal shirts for men that adhere to these timeless principles. Our collection is designed to provide you with options that are both stylish and sophisticated. Whether you're looking for a classic white shirt, a light blue formal shirt, or subtle pastel shades, Turtle has you covered.

Pair our formal shirts with our impeccably tailored trousers for a complete formal look that will make a lasting impression. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures that you'll look and feel your best in Turtle's formal wear.