Dress to Impress: Top Wedding Shirt Styles for Men

designer wedding shirts

What’s a wedding without fashion?

It’s a bright sunny day and you’re finally at that destination wedding you’ve been looking forward to all year long. You’re not doing much - just letting your hair down, sitting by the pool, at ease and as comfortable as ever. And then, you see it.

All eyes are on you, like the sun above is a spotlight, and you, the main character on the world’s stage.

Well, get used to the attention this wedding season, because this is going to be a regular occurrence before long.

Men, let’s face it. You could spend your entire life in black T-shirts and cargo shorts – but it never hurts to dress to impress, especially with Indian weddings with style at their heart.

It could be as simple as the easy-breezy shades of pre-wedding celebrations, the vibrancy of haldi hues that make pictures worth framing, or a grand finale cocktail party, ripe with glitz and glam, your sharp outfit making the perfect company to the fine night that lies ahead. We could cover each of the above in exquisite, meticulous detail, or skip right to the part that matters most. The garment that is the first to be noticed, no matter the occasion.

We’re talking, of course, about -

best wedding shirts

A Wedding masterpiece: The (not so) humble shirt.

Yes, when it comes to wedding fashion, we tend to embrace and indulge in the craze of ethnic extravaganza and formal finesse. But there's one piece of clothing which is a wedding masterpiece. A piece that can take its place within suits, or form the perfect semi-casual attire for those afternoon functions with friends. Yes. We're talking about shirts.

Shirts are the perfect wingman, no matter the function. They’ve always got your back (literally!), never out of place as they bring elegance and form to ensure you take your place amongst the best-dressed men in the room. From comfort cotton to sublime satins with a dash of sophistication and a sprinkle of fresh printed charm, the right shirts will let you fit any vibe, elevating your wardrobe and helping you rise to the occasion in style.

So, this wedding season, save the date, and the best shirts. It’s time to be a star.

best wedding shirts

Tip-top to bottom:

A wedding invite will always raise a vital question: What am I going to wear?!

Understandable – and we’ve got the answer.

If "classy" is your forte, you're going to want to go with a crisp, fine-tuned formal shirt, with deep, rich colours pairing it with solid trousers. and jackets [if you want to take it up a notch]will allow you to add a dash of flair. And no, before you ask - Formals are not limited to mundane Monday fits and business meetings. Formal shirts with flair pants and the best wedding styles go hand-in-hand – forming a union just as spectacular as any bride and groom out there! So go ahead and embrace the power of a well-fitted formal shirt and say "I do" to fashion.

designer wedding shirts

Suit-able styles:

An easy choice that lets you be a cut above the rest? We know you’re saying ‘Yes’ to that! When it comes to stealing the spotlight in a wedding full of decked-up people, making a grand entrance isn’t too hard to do.

What we’re saying, in other words, is that Suits suit you! But even a suave blazer won’t save the day without that perfect shirt to carry the day. While speeches are common enough, you’re going to let your wardrobe do the talking for you – making a style statement without you having to say a single word. Be picture-perfect for those wedding albums, and style up your game with comfy classy shirts that’ll have the crowd turning away from their plates, and eating out of your hand instead!

formal wedding shirts

Jacket jackpot:

Picture this: a sleek, tailored nehru jacket giving you the ultimate fashionable embrace, while your shirt gives it the foundation it needs to shine. The best shirts will help you fit in with any occasion – and a great jacket will dovetail beautifully to let you stand out all the same. Whether you're going for a traditional ceremony or a modern soirée, the perfect shirt styles will make you the epitome of sophistication. So don’t invest in fashionable jackets only to have the whole thing fall flat – give your accessories the base they deserve to shine.

best wedding shirts


Wedding outfits can look complex – but they’re often as simple as buttoning up! You don't always have to rely on suits and vests when you can simply don a simple shirt and slay! Be it a sleek-satin accent or a classic monochrome undertone, designer shirts speak volumes. These shirts are more than just fabric and buttons; they're confidence boosters, turning ordinaries into style icons. From fresh prints to elegant monochromes, intricate embroidery to luxurious fabrics, each design tells a story. It's time to break free from the sea of plain shirts and embrace the uniqueness that sets you apart.

formal wedding shirts

Men, you can bloom too:

Pick any dreamy wedding destination you’ve been to – and Floral is sure to stake its claim. But this wonderful ode to nature doesn’t just have to adorn the venue itself – when we’ve got you to carry it through!

Let your style blossom with a full-bloom floral collection of the best shirts, adding a touch of natural freshness and excitement to the whole wedding ensemble. From subtle prints for your softer side to bold and daring botanical explosions, go for a floral pattern and dare to be different.

So, this wedding season go to our website and add fashion to your cart. Turtle brings you its exclusive wedding collection, fine-tuned to make you stand out in the crowd. Made with you in mind, textured to perfection with creaseless seamless fabric that fits you like a charm. Turtle’s range of wedding collections is your match made in heaven – so go on. Make a commitment to fashion, with wedding shirts like no other.